Construction Sector

BMD Bau Ltd. is engaged in construction works in the field of engineering and building construction.

Our team for construction consists of licensed engineers in fields of architecture, civil engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and technology.

We have in our possession machinery for earth works: excavator, long reach excavator, bulldozers, trucks, rollers etc. We have at our disposal more than 50 construction machines with trained operators.

Our engagement in civil engineering includes road regulation and waterway regulation.

We are experienced in construction of landfills and waste treatment facilities, recovery and recultivation of illegal dumps, remediation of historic pollution and soil remediation.

We are specialized in construction and reconstruction of public fountains and public facilities. We have large experience in making musical fountains. For the needs of our customers we do regular fountain maintenance. We do supply and installation of furniture for public spaces.

We set up installations of strong and weak current, s well as complete electric distribution. We produce all kinds of distribution and command cabinets.

We perform specialized construction works: drilling (aka. borehole) of reinforced concrete, stone, asphalt and brick using special machines with diamond blades and saws.

We make physical models for testing hydraulic structures, watercourses, marine facilities, ports, industrial buildings and the like. We do the installation of the equipment, installation settings, complete preparation for research and measurement at the weir, turbine operations, circulation tunnels, locks, gates, shutters etc.

We do stamped concrete. Our team is trained in specialized courses. In cooperation with foreign partners, we offer a wide selection of patterns, textures, colors and gradients.

We offer interior design services for residential, commercial and multi-purpose facilities.

We perform all types of craft work: dismantling, demolition, excavation, masonry, concrete, reinforced concrete, carpentry, insulation, locksmiths, ceramic, stone, plastering, facade, painters, plumbing and sewage.